Dance Recreation
You are cordially invited
     Gypsy dancing 
Gypsy Dance presents the unique opportunity to discover beautiful music, fantastic costumes and extreme culture. It gives you access to your spirituality and gets in touch with who we are. This is a wonderful chance to try something new for all ages. Benefits include aerobics, grace and above all fun.  
International Dance 
We offer comprehensive and fun program  of International Gypsy Dance  to experience  the joys of doing dances from around the world.  These line, circle and couple dances come from a wide variety of countries. This dancing provides a great companionship 
We offer classes allowing you to explore movements through different Gypsy dance styles including: Folk, Lyrical, Flamenco, the techniques of clapping and tapping,  Dance with tambourine, Carmen's dance, and more. Classes are progressive in nature so you can try something 
new or enhance techniques in your favorite dance.                               
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To  Find  Your  Dance  is  To Find  Yourself. 
Release the dancer that lives inside you!
Shake your Soul and Dance         Your Way to Healing
Express your fire! Dive into the ocean of your emotions

Find your connection to the earth.

Solo Gypsy Dance
 Solo male gypsy
  Carmen Dance
It's 4 weeks dance course in style of Flamenco Gypsy. Carmen is a gypsy dancer. Rhythm, sensuality, drama are part of her magic.
Gypsy dance by Maria Fursenko, dancer from Moscow Musical and Drama  Gypsy Theater “Romen”. Today first and the only in the world  Gypsy Theater “Romen”  rightfully called as the oldest, legendary and the most famous of Romani theaters in the world, from the moment of its foundation in 1931, it has been a center of attraction for Romani (gypsy) artists.
      Lyrical Gypsy Dance 
Time for you.. to dance your heart out!  Weekly expressive dance practice! Gypsy  lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, deep feelings, and rich  and based  on individual approach and expressiveness. This classes include a proper warm up and cool down, stretching.
Everybody welcome, no dance experience needed.